About Ong?

Irmãos da Solidariedade Association, an institution dedicated to the reception, prevention and treatment of people with the HIV / AIDS virus. The organization, which completed three decades in 2018, is the only institution in the region that assists patients with various medical services.

The association's history began when a woman went to Fatima at her residence to ask for help. Unaware that the girl had the virus, the social worker went for help. In the meantime, the disease was detected.

- It was the first case of a woman with HIV in Campos. My family was against it, but I needed to help that mother of six. She died, and I started my career.

Fatima rented a house in Nova Brasilia to welcome those who sought it, but after eight months, knowing that the property was being used by people with HIV, the owner asked for the residence and set it on fire. To continue the work, the social worker sought another headquarters. This time, in Jardim Carioca, in Guarus, where he definitely settled the house of the Brothers Association of Solidarity, even initially receiving resistance from some neighbors.

Atendemos em torno de 120 pessoas, mas, na casa, temos 40 leitos, com 38 pessoas morando no local .

The reference of the Irmãos da Solidariedade Association is the fact that it is the only support house in the state of Rio de Janeiro with resident patients, outpatient care with doctors and nurses throughout the day, among other assistance and medical services.


Prejudice remains even worse than the disease itself.

Fátima Castro

Our goal

Provide assistance to the carrier of the HIV / AIDS, through the full use of the infrastructure, valuing the quality of life of the human being, promoting awareness, prevention, reduction of STI / AIDS, defense of the construction and guarantee of human rights of people. carriers of the HIV virus.


Our goal is to promote mental, social and emotional strengthening, positively impacting adherence to antiretroviral treatment, increasing self-esteem and social life.

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